大連爱游戏官网機械設備有限公司 (龍工叉車4S店)在中國地區單位麵積服務網點密集。 公司成立10年注冊資本500萬元,經營服務:售前使用配置方案、叉車銷售、叉車租賃、駕駛員培訓、二手車銷售置換等一站式業務。 大連市7家主店【大連開發區店、瓦房店店、普蘭店、莊河店、旅順店】及若幹分店,另有15輛售後流動服務車,30名叉車服務人員,打造大連及周邊一小時服務圈,全天候24小時待命服務,為客戶購買和使用設備中省心提速。

      Dalian Lijiu Machinery Equipment Co. , Ltd. (Longgong forklift 4s shop) in China Unit Area Service outlets dense. The company was established 10 years registered capital of 5 million yuan, operating services: pre-sale configuration program, forklift sales, forklift rental, driver training, second-hand car sales replacement and other one-stop business. The seven main stores in Dalian (Dalian Development Area, tile shop, Pulandian District, Zhuanghe, Lushun) and several branches, together with 15 after-sales mobile service vehicles and 30 forklift service personnel, have created a one-hour service circle in and around Dalian, round-the-clock standby service, for customers to purchase and use equipment in the heart-saving speed.